AFG National is a largest agro-industrial holding created as a result of the merger between two successful companies, Angstrem and AF-Group. The holding has brought together the best financial, land, production, technological and, most importantly, human resources of both its predecessors.
The merger resulted in the establishment of two main business units: the Sales and Marketing Division responsible for market development, and the Agricultural Division responsible for the production and processing of agricultural products. It enabled the two teams, who had already proven their efficiency and lead their respective companies to success, to combine their efforts, skills and expertise in order to achieve common goals.
Today, more than 2000 people work in our various business units and representative offices in five Russian regions (Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Krai, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk). The majority of our employees (about 1700 people) are involved in farm operations and grain processing, and the rest (about 400) work in the sphere of food production and marketing.
PEOPLE ARE OUR MAIN RESOURCE AND KEY TO SUCCESS We are proud of creating a solid team of professionals, providing them with adequate working conditions and implementing an effective motivation system.
AFG National is a dependable partner.
More than 2000 qualified employees maintain the competent and reliable operation of all holding’s business units.

Employees’ career development directly depends on their efficiency and on the performance evaluation that they receive from their immediate supervisors, colleagues and members of other business units. As a result, vacancies are filled by the best of the best, and the preference is always given to candidates from the holding’s internal pool of employees.
AFG National is a responsible employer
We provide our employees with an interesting job and impressive opportunities for career advancement and personal development.

The system of financial incentives includes various salary packages and additional bonuses which depend on the level of commitment, dedication and efficiency demonstrated by every team member.

We pay special attention to professional training. Our employees attend professional advancement courses on a regular basis. Based on the results of performance evaluations, we provide recommendations and develop training plans.
AFG National is a people-oriented company
We care about the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees