AFG National procures high-end rice varieties from FSUE Krasnoye of the All-Russia Research Institute of Rice, Russian leader in the laboratory research and breeding of rice and pioneer of Russian rice growing. Over 20% of all AFG National’s cultivated land is sown with high-end rice seeds, and the remaining land is sown with seeds of at least first generation with the resulting grain going to the mills. This approach helps to reach an optimal price/quality ratio.

In order for AFG National to maintain its leading position in the industry, our experts are continually working on increasing the economic efficiency of production and improving the quality of products. We use latest technologies to increase the germination ability of seeds and to reduce the seed rate per hectare of land.
Presently, AFG National’s experts are exploring the centuries-long experience of Italian rice growers and how it can be used in Russia, under conditions of Russian climate, soil and other factors that can influence crop yields. A portion of holding’s cultivated land has been converted into an experimental area where imported grain varieties are grown.
Successful cooperation with Italian partners not only expands our assortment of rice varieties, but also, not less importantly, promotes the culture of rice consumption on the Russian market, proving that rice is good not only in customary side dishes or porridges, but also in a whole range of exotic and delectable standalone dishes.
Substances, which are used by AFG National to increase crop yields, are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Mechanization and supervision over farm operations
AFG National uses modern satellite-based navigation and vehicle-tracking systems to supervise farm operations, as well as to log and analyse agricultural machinery operation data. This has a significant economic effect; in particular, it improves the quality of field cultivation and reduces production costs.
The system provides control over:
The system helps to reduce:
  • current positions and travel routes of all agricultural vehicles;
  • fuel consumption rate for moving, idling and operating vehicles (including fuel consumption for 1 hectare of cultivated land), fillings and discharges;
  • time of vehicle entry and exit from the field, idling time and usage time;
  • total area of cultivated land (excluding overlaps and repeated passes) and quality of cultivation;
  • compliance with speed limits in the course of operation.
  • fuel and lubrication costs (through prevention of fuel theft, unauthorized vehicle use, etc.);
  • vehicle maintenance costs (through vehicle usage monitoring);
  • farm operations costs (through effective control of operations quality).
Modern rice mills and elevatorsры
The total production capacity of all AFG National’s rice mills amounts to 520,000 tons of paddy rice per day. The harvested grain is safely stored in 2 modern day elevators, as well as in floor storages and sheds available in each farm; the total storage capacity exceeds 100,000 tons.
All rice mills and elevators are located in close vicinity to the rice fields for maximum gain preservation and stability of supplies.
AFG National’s grain production and storage facilities are equipped with modern equipment made to international standards and capable of achieving a higher raw material processing efficiency and a higher product output, while preserving an invariably high product quality.
  • Threshers with two aspirating chambers ensure separation of lightweight impurities.
  • Modern rubble separators remove not only small stones, but also other impurities whose specific weight is different from that of rice grains.
  • Modern rice hulling machines are equipped with automatic throw-out systems and pneumatic pressure control systems in order to maximize the hulling rate and minimize grain cracking and breaking. Forced cooling of the rollers also helps to reduce grain cracking and breaking.
  • Modern polishing machines ensure delicate polishing and produce grains with smooth and shiny surfaces.
  • Modern grain cleaners are compact, highly productive, simple in operation, and capable of separating the groats by size.
  • Modern electronic colour sorters can remove a wide variety of impurities which differ in colour from the finished product.
  • The unique design of bucket elevators helps to avoid both cracking and breaking of grains and groats during transportation. The bucket elevator boot houses a compressed air product cleaning system which precludes product losses and development of pest infestations.
  • Modern control consoles are designed for starting and locking the process equipment and are used for automatic control of production processes.